Kia Motors launches new generation Cadenza preview

In a path breaking move, Kia Motors has launched a preview of the new generation Cadenza and this has definitely got automobile fans excited across the globe.


The next generation Cadenza has been previewed by the iconic South Korean automobile company Kia Motors. This move has generated immense interest amongst the global car buying public as well as industry competitors, bodies and experts. This next generation Cadenza retains the stylish and contemporary image of the present Cadenza model while there are supposedly several added refinements to be introduced into the large sedan segment by Kia. This all new Cadenza will be put up for sale in overseas markets in the year 2016 and should definitely be a game changer in its segment going by industry sources and first impressions alike.


The next generation Cadenza resembles the present model by way of contemporary styling and design touches while several new features and refinements will be integrated into the car, supposedly a first for the supersized sedan category in global automotive markets. The car comes with an elongated bonnet and sharper design and styling lines in addition to a lower and wider stance. The signature Kia design cues have been neatly integrated in a contemporary manner as well.


The cabin of the new Cadenza has been freshly designed with a view towards bringing about that sophisticated and refined feel. The cabin comes with an ultra premium look and feel and offers a spacious and lengthy vibe, something that premium segment buyers will definitely appreciate for a car this size.


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