Matriculation Schools in Tamil Nadu to Adopt CBSE Curriculum

After the Central Government announced that the “National Eligibility Entrance Test” (NEET) would be compulsory, private matriculation schools in Tamil Nadu have steadily begun to transition themselves to adopt the CBSE Curriculum. Due to this occurrence, the board has decided to improve the standards of private schools offering the CBSE syllabus. This move by Matriculation schools will help students who are interested in pursuing a course in medicine, clear the NEET with ease.


Why We Need Change


It was observed that after the tenth grade, students preferred adopting the CBSE syllabus. They believe that it would help them prepare for various competitive examinations.  The CBSE has also introduced the “Principal Eligibility Test” or PET to ensure that standard of schools offering the CBSE curriculum is maintained. They believe that the introduction of good principals in schools would ensure that students are provided with quality education and facilities.


It is also believed that this transition was fuelled by the adoption of “Samacheer Kalvi” or the Tamil Nadu Uniform System of School Education. This was a program put forward by the TN government to integrate schools from various boards within the state, into a common system. This move by the State Government wasn’t very well received by numerous schools within the state, and contributed to schools changing their curriculum. While the board has allowed these schools to change their curriculum, they will keep vigilant to ensure that their standards are not tarnished by the newcomers.


This change in curriculum will help students in Tamil Nadu prepare themselves for competitive examinations and is a step forward taken by matriculation schools in Tamil Nadu.


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