How To Choose Wheel Bolt Patterns For Your Vehicle

Wheel bolt combinations are important as these influence the probable design and layout aspects of any wheel bolt pattern to be fitted into multiple models. Cars that are smaller are usually backed up by a three bolt type pattern while even eight bolt patterns are witnessed for bigger vehicles like trucks. Bolt arrangement is what actually has a huge impact on the available designs for car owners in the market.

What is a bolt pattern, you may be wondering? The bolt pattern denotes the evenly spaced area which runs around the wheel hub of the bolt heads which keep the car wheel fixed. The even spreading of studs or bolts is done based on a specific diameter which is popularly called the PCD or the pitch circle diameter. This can be measured either in millimeters or even inches. The hub can also be affixed in an innovative manner which can totally change the shape and pattern of the rim and this varies according to the car type in question. Rim offsets usually have three wheel patterns, namely the Zero, Positive and Negative Off-sets. The former is when equal distance is witnessed between the back and front areas of the wheel hub. Alongside, the latter equates to deeper backspacing with the brake side of the wheel nearer to the centerline of the rim. Alongside, the Positive Off-set usually translates into shallow backspacing inside the wheel.

The bolt circle pattern provides the accurate diameter for any particular car wheel. There are multiple number variations when it comes to lugs and bolts. 4, 6 or 8 lug wheel rim patterns can be observed. There is one method of ensuring that the right wheel design has been selected. This is to snap up a wheel pattern measuring gauge which is not very expensive. You can think of determining the bolt distances courtesy special tools of measurement. You can also measure wheel patterns of any car correctly through the usage of a guide template for wheel patterns. There are various plastic guides that pertain to SAE, 4 lug mixed metric and 5 lug metric standards. This is not a very expensive buy and it will save you problems and hassles in the long run by combating possible expenses involved in changing ill fitting wheels on your car.Wheel Bolt Patterns

There is also a ten lug mechanism that has been brought out by multiple aftermarket suppliers. This essentially comes with elongated holes and these can be used for multiple cars owing to the versatile and flexible design attributes. The first step is to carefully fix on the proper dimension of your wheels. Next, you should take a look at the designs of wheel patterns that can be found in the market in recent times. There are various wheels produced by multiple manufacturers in this industry. However, if you are willing to take the aftermarket route, you are sure to find a plethora of attractive, contemporary and eye catching designs that will definitely make your car stand out.

Make sure you select a properly sized wheel and rims that have the right fittings. This can either enhance or hinder the overall performance and look of the vehicle together. Rims that are ill fitted can really slow down your vehicle and act as a major hindrance of sorts as mentioned. Alloy rims can be incorporated onto a car for greater performance through airflow increases over break discs, better grip, better safety through wheels that are plus sized and alloy wells that are considerably lighter which scales up overall speed of any vehicle. Choosing alloy wheel designs will have you taking a look at varieties of wire wheels and the airflow over your car brakes. There are particular angular fin based designs which look very sporty and bold in a manner of speaking. These are ideally suited for roads that are not of good quality and also rough and wild terrain. Some of the most popular designs pertain to spoked wheel designs which are usually lapped up by customer. There are other inlays that are very bright along with cut-out patterns and drilled holes that influence overall wheel designs. As mentioned, there are multiple aftermarket manufacturers who can give you attractive and appealing designs which are high on performance as well.

You should know about some other designs commonly available in most markets. 3 Spoke rim designs are very popular globally courtesy their use in Saab cars. This is also known as the Viking Shield design template. However, the presence of big and open spaces is a source of weakness at times. Multi-spoke designs are quite popular as well with wire spoked wheels having right up to 20 struts per rim. There are many designs that have been crafted by Audi and BMW among others. 5 Spoke wheel designs come with variations and special additions and are mostly witnessed on Mercedes Benz and Porsche cars among other luxury automobiles.

Diamond and split spokes are other design types. The former is very strong and there are diamond shaped patterns formed right across the rim surface through the interlinking of angular spokes. However, the inner structure is often left unguarded in this design which is a cause for concern sometimes. The latter design is usually split with the help of spokes shaped like the letter Y and there are double split designs which have mutual support between parallel lines. Drilled wheel designs are elegant and classic and holes are usually placed geometrically right around the rim diameter. You can also have your wheels painted in bright colors and this dramatically enhances the appearance of your car. Alloy wheels that are painted, look and feel most refreshing indeed but you need to take care of the same properly.

Multiple wheel hubs often come with stainless steel fitted onto the outer rims. This adds some much needed strength and in case of chrome, car wheel surfaces usually glitter like gold! Understand your car and the type of wheels required while choosing your wheel bolt patterns with special focus on exact fittings.


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