How To Buy A Used Car Checklist

Buying a used car is not as easy as it sounds. There are loads of factors that you have to keep in mind before putting your hard earned money down on a particular used car model. You should have a plan of action or a checklist handy while inspecting your used car model. You should always get hold of a few items such as a flashlight, magnet, CD and paper towels for conducting a comprehensive inspection of the used car in question. Buying any secondhand car requires you to carry out comprehensive investigations into the quality of the car. If your used car ticks off all the points on your checklist, you can safely invest in the same.

Checking the Car Exterior, Engine and Tires

There are certain factors that must feature in your checklist when checking the car exterior. The windshield must be crack free, there must be a fresh coat of paint, the panel and body colors should match, all steel panels on the body must draw the magnet and there must be minimal scratches on the body. Alongside, check for dents on the car body along with making sure that the directional lights and headlights are fully functional. Also check to see whether the wipers and blades work properly. You investigate the car tires next, which are equally important. The tires should come from reputed tire brands and must be similar to each other.

Check for any cuts, cracks or other damages on tires and also make sure that there is a spare tire, lug wrench and tire present. The spare tire must be kept inflated at all times. Alongside, even wear is another aspect that you must look into to avoid suspension problems later on. The car engine should be free from any leaks. Alongside, look for corrosion free battery terminals and deposit free oil filler necks. Check to detect any possible odors or unwanted smells arising from a running car engine along with ensuring that the dip stick is not submerged in black oil coatings. The emissions from the car exhaust must not be black or blue.

Additional Checklist Items

Always play a CD on the car stereo to assess the quality of the speakers. Check the suspension for response and noises. Check the quality of the interiors including all knobs, gauges and buttons. The car must also have a working air conditioner along with proper safety features. You must also get the car transmission system and brakes checked. Always have your personal checklist evaluated by your local mechanic if possible. Do not buy any used car if the seller has problems with a comprehensive inspection of the car. Use online car classifieds to find the best used car deals in any of the Indian cities.

These online classifieds portals will help you get the best possible prices for your used car. Using a personal checklist comprising of all the aspects listed above will help you land a great used car. This will keep you free from unnecessary headaches and guarantee you many years of happy driving in future.


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