How To Inspect A Used Car

Proper inspection is mandatory when you are thinking of buying a used car. Used cars can make for great bargains indeed. However, if not checked properly, they can bleed you dry in the future. An unchecked and potentially problematic used car can actually increase your running and maintenance budget hugely. Think of frequent trips to the repair station or the mechanic and poor fuel economy that eats up all your savings. You obviously get a grim and dismal picture if you leave your used car unchecked. It is best to conduct a thorough inspection before investing in the used car of your choice. If the used car seller objects to such an inspection, you should refrain from entering into any further dealings with him or her.

While inspecting the car, you should have certain tools handy with you. These include an audio CD, a magnet and a tiny flashlight. Alongside, you should also carry paper towels with you if possible and a notepad to take down inspection results. If you are not confident of carrying out an inspection yourself, get your local car expert or mechanic to do the job. The paper towels will help you assess the quality of engine oil. The flashlight will enable you to look at the underside of the car and check for minor damages. The magnet will help you detect the quality of steel body linings and surfaces along with checking the quality of body paint. You can also use the audio CD to check whether the stereo system functions properly along with assessing the quality of the car speakers.

It is best to start off from the exterior of the car to look for all possible scratches, damages and the quality of body paint. Alongside, one should also inspect the wipers, headlights and all other directional lights. You can move on to the tires next to check for signs of wear or tear or any other damage. Check the engine and inspect any foul odors or leakage along with checking the fuel emission quality. The latter process will also give you an idea of the expected fuel consumption of the car model. When moving to the interiors, check out the suspension, gear knobs and brakes first. Along with car responses, inspect the car transmission system along with the steering wheel. Once you are done, you can move on to inspecting the quality of the seats, knobs, levers, switches and buttons in the interior.

Check out the air conditioning and stereo system along with inspecting all other safety features. You should wind up your inspection routine with a close look at the chassis and car frame for damages. Thorough inspection is absolutely necessary if you want to buy a secondhand car without any future hassles. You can get great deals for these cars online.

You can use online automobile classifieds websites to get the lowest possible prices on used cars in cities in India. Always inspect your car comprehensively to validate your investment in a particular used car model.



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