Pathetic that Students can’t Read Textbooks: Pranab Mukherjee

Education is one of the vital sectors of the country. Quality education should be provided to children to ensure that they have a bright future. If they can excel in their life, the country will prosper. The country has seen a trend in the last few years wherein students pursue their higher education abroad. They go to Europe, North America, and Australia to pursue their higher studies after completing their undergraduate courses here. This is mainly due to the fact that the quality of education provided there is believed to be much superior to the quality of education provided in India.

What and How

Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya celebrated its 60th Founder’s Day ceremony on 3rd October 2016. The chief guests for the event were President Pranab Mukherjee; Mr O P Kohli, Madhya Pradesh Governor; Narendra Singh Tomar, Union Minister; and Madhavi Raje Scindia, President of School’s Board of Governors, were the chief guests for the ceremony.

Mr Mukherjee said that he was shocked to know that many students were unable to read textbooks. It is a sorry state of affairs, according to him. He further continued to say that education can be provided to a larger portion of students in the country without compromising on the quality. He believes that the country has many good institutions though none of them features in the list of ‘Top 100 universities in the world’ (IIT-Delhi and IISc-Bengaluru did secure few positions in international rankings).

Taking a leaf from history, the President said that, for over 1700 years, India was the global leader in higher education. This period includes the inception of Taxila and the downfall of Nalanda. Since India had an immense quality of higher education so many centuries ago, it could be brought back into modern times. He wants to reverse the trend of students going abroad for higher education (approximately 6000 students migrate every year). He called out to the teachers to work harder to provide quality education to the students.

About the Institute

The institution was started by Mr Vijaya Raje Scindia who had opened the institution in the country when the literacy rate amid women was 10 percent. He was a BJP leader and a visionary. The President appreciated his efforts and congratulated the board of governors of the school with the hope that they would maintain the quality of education started by its founders.

Mr Kohli said that students should have an equal balance between intellectual and emotional efficiency. This will help the students maintain a steady balance between traditional and modern values.

The country has been facing issues in the education sector for quite some time now. This is mainly due to the quality of education provided in schools in the country. The HRD minister has stressed on this fact and promised to bring reforms in the sector. Now, even the President has expressed his concern on the matter.


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