Volkswagen India Begins Exports of Vento to Argentina

Volkswagen India has begun exporting their middle sized, locally made sedan Vento to Argentina. The car shall be sold under the tag of Polo in the country. Volkswagen Argentina shall sell the Vento made in the Pune plant as Polo with its petrol engine of 1.6 L, six speed automatic and five speed manual gearbox.

According to Andreas Lauermann, Volkswagen India President & MD, the company has been exporting to different markets across North America, Africa and Asia. Through their entry in Argentina, the company shall strive to deliver top quality products around the world and establish its presence in a new market and area that has a strong presence of Volkswagen.

The automobiles maker has been a market leader in Argentina for around twelve consecutive years with a 22 percent market share. Volkswagen India has begun exporting cars from its Pune plant back in 2011. The first export of the company was to South Africa. Since then, Volkswagen India’s export operations have branched into more than 35 countries across South and North America, Africa and Asia.

Volkswagen India additionally exports components and parts of its vehicles to Malaysia that are assembled there for Malaysia’s domestic market.


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