Will the latest Bajaj Avenger make a mark?

The Bajaj Avenger tries to fuse premium cruiser-like attitude with a comparatively affordable price point in the Indian market. Will it be a success?


The Avenger is a crucial product from Bajaj as it tries to lure Indian bikers with top class cruiser bikes capable of outstripping bikes in the mid-high range segments including the Avenger 220 Cruise, 150 Avenger Street and 220 Street. Prices range between INR 75,000-84,000 on an average. According to company MD Rajiv Bajaj, the new Avenger is based on a strategy that seeks to create something opposite to market conditions. The present market figures for all brands lower than 200cc translates into 8 lakh units on a monthly basis.


Bajaj wishes to tap buyers who are fatigued with earlier icons such as the Yamaha FZ, Pulsar and Apache among other similar bikes. These new Avengers make use of the new generation platform from Bajaj Auto which is used by both the KTM brand and the all new Pulsars as well. According to Rajiv Bajaj, pricing points should be competitive for the new Avenger since the Avenger 220 is not that affordable. Additionally, multiple styles and cubic capacity at least in excess of one are other game changers for the new Avenger.


The affordable cruiser segment is one where there is literally no competition for Bajaj and they can take a huge lead early on. Several commuting bike buyers will definitely consider upgrading to these cruisers at relatively affordable pricing points owing to better fuel efficiency and more power. Cruiser bikes will take care of regular commutes and long distance travel alike. Maintenance and ownership costs are important factors in this category. Bajaj expects to double the Avenger sales figures to at least 10, 000 to 15, 000. Owing to the usage of the existing platform, these Avengers will be profitable too. The company will be aiming at scaling up its market share to 39% from 35% with its new Avengers.


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