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Royal Enfield was the brand using which the Enfield Cycle Company created lawnmowers, bicycles, stationary engines and motorcycles. The factory was based in Redditch in Worcestershire. The weapons manufactured here reflect a legacy through their logo which has the cannon and “Made like a gun” etched across it. The Royal Enfield brand name was licensed for use in the year 1890 by the British Crown.

When the World War I was started, Royal Enfield provided Outfit motorcycles that had a 6HP sidecar along with stretchers to the Royal Crown. This exact motorcycle had Vickers machine gun as a side car attachment that could be turned towards the sky for use against the low flying aircrafts. Many motorcycles were supplied by Royal Enfield to Britain’s War Department and the company had also received a contract of motorcycles from the Russian Imperial Government.

Since 1949, Royal Enfield bikes were sold in India. The Indian Government began searching for an apt motorcycle for its army and police force in 1955 for the purpose of patrolling the borders of the country. The most apt bike for this job was thought to be Bullet 350. Almost 800 pieces of the 350cc bikes were ordered by the Government of India, which was a lot at that time. Therefore, in 1955 Enfield Cycle Company collaborated with Madras Motors based in India for forming the Enfield India which was entrusted with the job of assembling these bikes. According to the agreement, Madras Motors was the owner of the majority shares in the company. For manufacturing components, tooling equipment was given to the Enfield India. This led to complete production of the bike here.  The highways of India were dominated completely by Enfield Bullet and its popularity rose every year.

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield

If you want to buy a pre-owned Royal Enfield, then it can be a bit tricky compared to buying a regular bike. Outside India, dealerships are rare and wherever it is manufactured, the number of newly motorcycles is few let alone used ones. Therefore, you will have to get your bike from a private party the Royal Enfield for Sale. Prior to a purchase do follow these 5 steps.

Finding out whether the motorcycle has suffered abuse prior to checking it out

You might have to use a little psychology. You can ask the seller if he thinks the motorbike is fast. If the reply comes as that he has driven it at 75mph at all times, then you know what to make of the situation. A lot of people sell Enfield bikes with low fuel efficiency. This is primary because most of them do not understand Royal Enfield bikes should be cruised at a speed lower than 55mph. Bikes with lower mileage have certainly suffered abuse at the hands of their owners.

Hear the Motor Running

Even though you may hear valves of the Royal Enfield open and close, they must not clatter. If the excess noise is passed off by the user as the valves being non-adjusted, then suggest to the seller to adjust them there so that you know how to as well. If he refuses or avoids the question, then it is a sign of warning. If he suggests you to get them corrected at the dealer’s, then insist on a knock off of the dealer charges from the bike.

Checking the rear sprocket carefully

If there are any signs of narrowing of the teeth, then that needs replacement. The front sprocket is usually not visible and reaching out to it will be messy and tough. However, you can rest assured that it will be as worn out as the rear one. You might have to pay several hundreds of dollars to the mechanic for getting it corrected. If there is some wear and tear here then you should factor it into the price. You are bound to see some narrowing if the bike has been ridden for more than 30,000 miles.

Riding the Motorbike

If it runs, stops, starts and rides in the manner that a motorbike needs to, then you should check for 2 additional things during the test riding. Pinging of the acceleration is not a good sign. The timing can be adjusted for getting rid of it. However, there is a possibility that the owner may have continued riding it with pinging which can damage the piston. You should also listen for a knocking sound in its motor which is produces only when the throttle is left off at the time of riding. If it is distinct and consistent, it may mean a damaged main bearing which can be quite expensive to repair.

Feeling for weakness or binding in cables and operating Controls

The cables in the bike are not very costly to be replaced although the Royal Enfield is very tough on the clutch cables and hence a single piece broken may strand you. You should ask if the seller has a cable to spare that would help cut the deal.

Tips to follow

Many users change turn signals, stock seats and exhaust systems and hence you should not be impressed in case these additional parts taken into the Royal Enfield for Sale. A lot of these parts will fetch very little value in the market once they are removed.

Royal Enfield bikes that are well sorted and cared for by the owner may turn out to be better than what was made at the factory. The breaking in process is completed. Moreover, a lot of owners add costly accessories such as bar-end mirrors, single seats, impressive tail lights and turning signals, customized exhaust systems and additional chrome items. Sellers may try to get a higher price for them when selling the bike but you should know that their full cost cannot be recovered.


The motorcycles are still made in India and hence they are not as expensive there as they are in UK and USA. You may be tempted to buy a bike that did not come through the official importer or is a bargain bike, but you may face problems at the time of registration.


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