When And How To Buy Your Dream Home

Buying one’s home is likened to the fulfillment of a dream. This is because our aspirations start with owning a home. A dream one is tagged with multiple aspirations, wishes and expectations. A home symbolizes a lot more than mere shelter or an abode. It also embodies security, comfort, relaxation and bliss. A home is where you create those memories of a lifetime with loved ones. It turns into a haven for you to retreat into after a rough ride outside. A home is representative of your innermost desires and aspirations. Buying your dream home is the first mark of achievement for any modern individual.

Are you looking at property for sale options? You should first weigh the pros and cons to buying your dream home. Before zeroing in on properties and starting the long winded buying process, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Take into account the entire cost of the property and not just the selling price. Total costs include registration, licenses, duties, insurance costs and so on
  • Is this figure an affordable one for you?
  • If you are looking to take a loan, consider your years of service and the repayment period you would be eligible for
  • Is the monthly EMI amount suitable for your budget?
  • Keep in mind that the entire expenses involved in repaying the loan along with interest, should not exceed more than 40% of your annual income
  • Always consider the down payment to be made to the developer or seller. Can you afford the down payment? Most banks ask for anything between 10-15% as down payment. This can be quite steep when you are looking at premium homes or apartments
  • Is the property adequate to your needs? Does it have enough space for you and your family?
  • Is the location convenient and accessible?
  • Does it have all the amenities you wish for?
  • Consider the costs of furnishing and decorating your home. This includes electrical, painting, furniture crafting, plumbing, installations and so on. You can take additional add-on loans for this purpose. Check whether you can afford this in cash or the monthly EMI for the add-on loan is within your budget

Once you have ticked all these boxes, you are all set to buy your dream home. Finding your dream home can be a potential disaster if you end up in the wrong hands. Log on to online real estate classifieds to find a plethora of apartments and houses in your locality or any other city in India if you wish. Online classifieds portals will help you zero in on a viable option for yourself without many hassles. Once you have finalized your purchase, contact the seller or developer and check out the property in question. Get the full price quote, arrange for the down payment and complete the loan formalities in time. Once your loan is approved and the money dispatched to the seller, you will be able to move into your dream home in super quick time!


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